TASB Benefits Cooperative

Attracting and retaining good employees is an ongoing struggle for Texas school districts. In response, the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) facilitated the formation of  the TASB Benefits Cooperative to offer valuable benefits that districts can utilize to help retain employees as well as attract new employees. These benefit programs are tailored to public school employees and provide valuable benefits to the employee and family members. In addition, the benefit programs are offered at special group rates, so employees and the district can potentially save money.

Since 2002, TASB Benefits Coop has been associated with programs that provide school districts and their employees with a variety of employer-paid and employee-paid benefits, such as Section 125 products and year-round plan administration..

The TASB Benefits Cooperative is administered by First Public, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of TASB, which offers you the added comfort of oversight from a trusted source. First Public is licensed with the Texas Department of Insurance.

Group Life and Group Long-term Disability

We help school districts provide their employees outstanding supplemental benefits at affordable rates.

Section 125 Administration

Our Section 125 Administration services and insurance options help you offer a breadth of choices to your employees.

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